Rana. That's me!

I just woke up one day and decided, I didn't want to feel like that anymore, or even again.
So, I changed. I decided to write again.

Here, I just love to share my opinion and my literary work. I also write some short poem in my Instagram account. Do you want to know my opinion about opinion? bzz it sounds confusing wkwk.
I think, every opinion is an art;
We develop through argument to arguments,
we got realization through events happening in our life,
we got that wise dazzling decision through every pain we have ever felt .
We know we mustn't regret because we know the process.
The process we have been trough, indeed, help us to produce some opinions. 

I love writing for myself, as my writing can help me out.
My writing can be my getaway. I hope you feel the same.

My Personal Information
I'm an  English Literature student and Management studentyup I do have to struggle to finish 2 bachelor degree.  It's tiring, but I do it for my parents, for most parents want are just to give the best education for their children.
Btw, for those who need a help in studying English, you all can contact me through DM on Instagram or through my Line (id: ranalyh),
I'll help you in my spare time :))

Thank you everyone.
Terimakasih semesta.